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Our first edition, focusing on Creative Natives, was started by Jessica Shafer and Shelby Lopez in December 2018, and was released in February 2019. The endeavor has proven to be a tremendous success, bringing together members of the community in a bigger way than we had ever imagined. 

Our world traveling Creative Natives inspired us by showing us that nothing is impossible, and distance is not a deterrent to inspiration. Our closer-to-home Creatives showed us the significance of local artistic influence and support to keep our communities unique and vibrant. We have learned the importance of working together in collaboration instead of competition, and supporting each other to get ahead. 

And thanks to all of the Creative Natives, Digital Wolf will continue to grow, as we aspire to amaze, inspire, and strengthen the community with each additional edition.

Project Manager & Designer | Jessica Shafer

Photographer & Co-writer | Shelby Lopez

Project Editor & Co-writer | Brynn Wilson

Digital Wolf Magazine



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