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Chris Myles

Chris Myles I 28

UX I Ul Designer at eBay

Hometown: Avon, Indiana

Current Location: Portland, Oregan

Chris enjoys hobbies such as: mountain biking and road cycling, snowboarding, painting, gardening, aero yoga, and with his most recent interests being welding.

Growing up in a world surrounded by art supplies, Chris has enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood. He was the kid elbows deep in legos, creating things and taking everything apart and analyzing them.

At thirteen he began experimenting with photoshop from a bootlegged version obtained by his father further pushing his interest and combining technology with his artistic side. While in college at Indiana University, he worked on digital magazine called U-Pashion, opening doors as a product content strategist.

This creative and inquisitive mindset has followed him and pushed him down his lifelong journey as a Creative Native while leaving him questioning, "How do you become creative in Indiana?" He jumped at the chance of travel when he was offered an internship with Ebay in San Jose, CA which began in 2013.

"First I draw on half of an 8.5xll piece of paper. Once I am satisfied with my newly created world, I take it over to the scanner to digitize the drawing. After I receive the digital copy I take it into illustrator to turn it into a vector and separate out all of the individual white space elements. I then copy and paste it into Sketch where I can select reach individual element of the world and fill them in with color. Kind of like how paint used to work back in the day. When the whole world has color. Print and share."

Chris' strongest passion is kiteboarding. Incorporating that with his love for art he repurposes old kiteboards by creating new designs on the back that are then auctioned off for fundraising for Kiteboard 4 Cancer events.

"It's the support of a fun natured competitive atmosphere all for the positive progression of the sport."

"Kiteboard 4 Cancer empowers individuals to benefit lives affected by cancer."

www.projectkoru .org

This event matters to Chris because it encompasses many of his passions all into one weekend; art, kites, and being outdoors with amazing people. He enjoys being able to meet new friends and explore new territories while being apart of an amazing program facilitated by wonderful human beings.


Placing third with overall donations while his Board of Hope raised $185 in the silent auction.

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