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Jessica Shafer

Jessica Shafer I 29

Owner of Mixed Medium Design

Hometown: Rochester, Indiana

Current Location: Tippecanoe, Indiana

Jessica enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, gardening and paddleboarding with her black lab, Bay. She also enjoys listening to True Crime Comedy Podcasts, and traveling. A large part of Jessica's interest combines community work with graphic design. Jessica's fascination for computers at an early age was the blossom to her passion for design and art, paving the road to where she is at today.

One of her first memories of using a computer as an elementary student was searching the internet for books in the school library references because they were converting away from the card catalogs. She found being able to connect digitally with people completely mind blowing.

Starting around the age of ten, Jessica began using programs like Microsoft Word and Paint to create 8.5x11” posters to hang all over her room and doors next to clippings from her favorite magazines. Not long after she began using Digital Design Platforms to build websites.

"When I was twelve, I created a website that was only about how to tell people their pants were unzipped. That was taken down due to my mother not thinking that was appropriate. I still find it hilarious."

Later on in life, Jessica spent some time in job positions that were not down her initial career path. Eventually, she was hired as a Web Manager for a car company, maintaining information of the vehicles, uploading data to the web site and other administrative tasks along with some design work. She enjoyed organizing, designing, and maintaining information for businesses and realized it was something she wanted to pursue in the future.

As her motivation and passion grew, she went on to create a freelance business, Digital Maintenance, a Graphic and Web Design company that also specialized in organizing information provided by clients. From there she would design for print or web.

Mixed Medium Design is owned and operated by Jessica Shafer. At the end of 2018, she began working in a new office space located in Total Body Works Day Spa. Jessica uses variety of mixed mediums to create custom designs for each project. By focusing on Graphic and Web Design, Mixed Medium Design provides the following services:

Logos I Business Cards I Advertising I Event Cards

T-shirts (Iron-On Placement or Screen Printing Options}

Decals (Design I Cut I Placement} I Signage I Billboards

Menus I Brochures I Book Design I Mixed Medium Artwork

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