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Landon Smith

Landon Smith I 29

Level 1 sUAS Thermographer & Certified Remote Pilot

Hometown: Rochester, IN

Current Location: Kewanna, IN

Landon Smith grew up on his family farm in Kewanna, attending high school in Rochester and later graduating from college at Purdue University. In his free time he enjoys woodworking and fishing.

After seeing a presentation on drones while attending a Young Farmers meeting, Landon's interest in drones was ignited. They spoke on the benefits of drones in

the agricultural world with things such as checking irrigations, weeds, checking on crops and mapping land.

At Precision Hawk, Landon's previous employer, they make inspections for hospitals and construction, create a 3D model of places already built, and use a methane detectors for gas pipelines for leaks. With his fascination in the technology, the idea of flying drones became a business called Midwest UAV. Landon has been flying drones and giving presentations across the United States. Since then, Landon has created videography for Fulton County Tourism and a number of weddings.

Now his focus is on survey method called LiDAR; Light Detection and Ranging. It measures distance to a specific point using pulsed laser light to create a 3D virtual representation. For example, with the artificial landscape, a power line pole can be tested for hurricane flooding.

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