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Joshua James

Joshua James I 39

Tattoo Artist

Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana

Current Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Joshua's art expands beyond his talent with tattooing as he also works with Prismacolor, Oil, Acrylic, Liquid Acrylic, Markers, Water Color, the occasional Charcoal, as well as various other mixed media.

Joshua James has been tattooing professionally for seventeen years. He is known for producing bold, custom and one of a kind pieces specifically designed for each client and works comfortably in both black and grey as well as color.

Left Realm Tattoo Company is a private, custom only, award winning tattoo studio located in Kokomo, Indiana. The shop first opened its doors in November of 2014 with the sole intent of providing a relaxing, quiet, and calm atmosphere for their valued clientele; a place to come and be tattooed without the hustle and bustle of your everyday "street shop". This allows their artists to fully focus on the client's task at hand with little to no distraction.

Being a disposable only studio, meaning the equipment used at Left Realm is always sterile, single use and disposed of after the completion of each tattoo, the studio does tattoo work only, no piercings!

Each artist at Left Realm Tattoo Company focuses on providing custom, one of a kind artwork, specific to the wants and needs of everyone that comes through their door.

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