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Haley Lehman

Haley Lehman I 30

Head Brewer & Cheesemaker

Hometown: Rochester, IN

Current Location: Rochester, IN

Haley does her best to practice environmental mindfulness and also loves gardening; getting her hands in the dirt. She enjoys jam band and bluegrass music. Her dog, Arlo, loves being outdoors with her just as much. Haley moved to Nashville, TN after college where she lived and explored the city for about a year before returning to Rochester and taking a job as a teacher's aide for elementary

special needs students. Although she enjoyed working with them, she felt there was more for her to do and create. An opportunity came about and she was hired in an up and coming winery and cheesery, Schnabeltier. She found great joy in this new career path. She has been provided opportunities all in one location to test her skills or learn new ones.

Schnabeltier approached Haley about brewing beer. She had had no previous experience, although she did have prior interest and has been self taught. She is now part of four percent of female brewmasters in the industry. Haley prepped for her first batch of beer for about a month before receiving equipment in and brewing for her first time. Haley says she is most excited about the continuous learning process that comes with making beer, and is looking forward to getting creative with her beers in the future.

Haley's first beer is called, "Involuntary Dismount". The name came from an accident she had on the annual Fade to Black bike ride last August.

Beer logo designs by Matt Sutton.

Cheesemaking, along with helping in the winemaking process and running the retail space is where Haley first began. She now also manages their aging room where they hold roughly 8,000 pounds of cheese. They distribute their cheese throughout Indiana and neighboring states. Local businesses in Rochester like Evergreen, Uncorked and Jarrety's use their local cheese in their recipes. Schnabeltier will be entering the United States Champion Cheese Contest in February and attending the Cheese Industry conference in April. In February's contest, they will be entering their Aged and Young Asiago as well their Rosemary Gouda and Morel Gouda.

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