Shelby Lopez

Shelby Lopez I 28

Owner of Expressions by Shelby Lopez

Hometown: Rochester, IN

Current Location: Kewanna, IN

Aside from her lifetime obsession with photography Shelby enjoys creative writing, playing the ukulele and pursuing the constant need for adventure and travel with her family.

During the Holiday Stroll 2018, hosted by the Rochester Downtown Partnership, she volunteered to photograph children posing with Frozen characters Elsa and Anna.

Shelby recently opened up her own studio in Kewanna as a way to make her side job her full-time job. She is now able to provide her clients with a comfortable setting for quality pictures despite the elements. Her passion to capture life's perfect moments for her clients is what she says feeds her soul. “I first started by dabbling in 4-H with my photography and remember crawling through gardens, waiting for the perfect sunsets for silhouettes, long walks through the country and careful observations and many stops on long drives with my grandparents in search of the perfect shot for my posters every summer.”

During her freshman year at Rochester High School she found Dan McCarthy's English class took her even farther when he insisted she join his yearbook class for the following year. She enjoyed exploring media art while further building her passion for writing and taking photos.

After graduation, Shelby was employed in an Olan Mills Studio where she learned the art of portrait photography. Not long after, she became Studio Manager for the next four years. Eventually she continued her own path for portrait photography. Shelby realized having a clientele and being able to provide them with her talent was something she wanted to continue pursuing as a career and started Expressions by Shelby Lopez.

In 2017, Shelby had the privilege to photograph for the Rochester Sentinel, a local newspaper, which allowed her to be involved even deeper than ever before in the Rochester Community.

In the fall of 2018, after the surprise news she was expecting her third child, she was inspired to take a new path and pursue her dreams of opening her own studio as a way to free up her schedule and work by her own hours for baby time coming in the spring.

With help from her incredibly supportive husband, by November the construction of her studio was complete. December 1st the studio had its grand opening leaving Shelby able to do what she's always wanted by being able to work more with her clients schedules full time. The studio location of Expressions By Shelby is in Kewanna, lndiana by appointment only.