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What is a Makerspace?

The Round Barn Lab is a central location that provides a variety of tools in a learning environment for youth and adult residents of Fulton County. It is a safe space that allows an individual to freely express themselves to do real and meaningful work. It is a hands-on place to collaborate, educate and create with other members. This workshop provides the opportunity to use tools someone may not have access to. A place for businesses to educate their employees and use the space for interviewing purposes. A place to foster growth in the community while supporting local businesses and eateries.

The name Round Barn Lab ties into Fulton county's history. With seventeen round barns, Fulton County originally had more round barns than any other county in Indiana. In 1971, Doris Hood and Bill Myers founded the Fulton County Round Barn Festival that officially ended in 2013 and has since been revitalized as the Living Local Fest in 2017; an artisan food and craft fair. These round and polygonal barns are found to still be of interest with a special connection to the community and its history. The Fulton County Historical Society in Rochester, Indiana has established a National Round Barn Center of Information working hard to preserve the beautiful structures.

This group of people came together to help provide a place for others to be makers and to build local support, opportunities, and a new form of enjoyment to the community. At this makerspace, where old and new come together, various skills, knowledge, history and more can be shared.

"Our mission is to provide an all-inclusive, inviting location where any individual can come together to collaborate, learn and create which will foster community growth."

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