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As thematically unique as the subjects of our previous issue, Digital Wolf Magazine’s ‘Creative Natives in Mixed Expressions’ in our January 2020 edition focuses on the human figure in any shape, posture or movement.

In mixed mediums and expressions, the magazine captures life in both literal and figurative forms. Featured interpretations are recognizably derived from life, of or relating to representation of depiction of the human figure, or it’s resemblance.

Our range has few limitations regarding our featured creatives. For 2020 we offer a mix that includes photographers and filmmakers, extreme sports, artists of various mediums, Reiki healing, an inside scoop on magic, and an inspiring sprinkle of hope for humanity for our readers.

Project Manager, Senior & Designer | Jessica Shafer

Project Manager & Co-writer | Shelby Lopez

Co-writer | Brian Walsh

Editor | Lauren Showley

Digital Wolf Magazine



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