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Intimate Inspirations

Hannah Prodan has been artistically and ideologically fascinated with ancient/Neolithic art and religious pagan practices for longer than she can remember. Currently a resident of Roger City, MI, Hannah graduated from Rochester High School in 2009. She pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus on painting and a minor in art history, from Ball State

University, where she received a degree in 2013.

Though her style draws heavily from outsider and symbolist artist like Henry Darger, her inspiration has long been driven by viscerally feminine/feminist artists like Frida Kahlo and Anna Mendietta.

Hannah’s creations contain expressions of her own personal experiences, scientific articles, real world observations, and depictions of the world as she sees it as an artist. She has

demonstrated fluency in painting, drawing, prints, sculptures, and installations in various mediums that run the gamut from and installations in various mediums that run the gamut from

traditional to experimental in nature.

The drawing below depicts the relationship between a prostitute and her clientele. The slab of raw meat at the center of the composition represents the woman, exposed, bleeding and somewhat repulsive. Yet she is the object of desire and sustenance, and the crowds of insects are drawn to her, as moths are to flame, and flies are to fruit. Hannah's artistic goal

for this piece was to symbolize the interesting, almost parasitic dynamic between women in sex work and their customers. Each symbol used sheds light on the complex dichotomy of

both the female and male form.

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