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Permission to Grapple

Entering the world of LARPing means opening your mind up to becoming another person, for a trip into another world. Made up names, made up words, made up scenarios and a points system with stats, this hobby is one of passion for players Rebekah Erb and Tony Walters.

The couple is also into film and movie making have become fully immersed in the lifestyle of travelling, camping and playing along. Tony’s character Fen and Rebekah’s character Lorelei the ship wench. LARP as medieval fantasy LARPing, short for Live-Action Role playing is a

family-friendly hobby that can become a lifestyle, involving dressing up in costumes, also known as garb and role-playing characters and the weekend long theme’s scenario.

The intricate scenarios are created by story-tellers, minus a script. The acting, improv. Designated plot marshals create characters and dries the stories. The weekend long acting is all about embracing yourself and the soul of your character.

Throughout the weekend, the activities and participation in LARPING combat earn points, making it like a real life video game. LARPing combat rules are set to determine points.

A way to keep imagination alive and not just a memory from childhood, LARPing is gaming

unplugged. A concept somewhat rare and refreshing in the modern world of technology.


Game starts early Friday evening. Once you sign your character in, it’s game on. Players are encouraged to stay in character until the game is over Sunday afternoon. Rules may vary slightly from group to group, and some are stricter than others about getting out of character.

At each Level, each player gets a certain amount of Body Points. Depending on your Level, the kind of weapon, and skill points determines how much damage you can do in combat.

Combat is on an honor system. You call out the number of damage you’re inflicting. Certain races possess magical abilities that can be used in battle as well. It’s up to you to keep track of your health. If you get to 0 you’re unconscious. It is a good strategy to die loudly so someone can come to your aid and heal you if they have the skill to.

Example: Level 3 has 30 health points

Eleven sword: 1 handed=2 pts 2 handed=4 pts

There are a number of different races, classes and professions players can choose from:

Races: High Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Human, Dwarf, Felinean.

Class: Priest, Rogue, Mage, Sage, and Warrior

Profession: Healer, Hunter, Alchemist, Herbalist, Blacksmith, and Bard

After each game, you level up and have skill points you can spend to add to health points, improve damage of your weapon or learn special skills.

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