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A Storm Within

As an artist, the focus of Erica’s work has primarily been on humanity, and specifically on its depiction through portrait painting. For over 30 years, she has pursued her passion for

capturing the essence of her subjects with her art.

“In human history, portraiture has always held a place of high value,” she explains. “We, as a species, are obsessed with looking at ourselves.”

Erica’s work dabbles in naturalism, but strays from the path of pure realism. She often prefers to work in intense colors, in a style similar to fauvism, the early 20th century modern art movement in which vivid hues were used as a means to represent light and space.

She has less interest in achieving a perfect likeness, or focusing on tedious details, than she does in communicating the subtle emotional power that comes through the gaze of her subjects. Her brushwork is bold, and the mark-making creates vibrant, energetic forms that help define her style. One of her key goals is to connect the foundation of draftsmanship with the looser playfulness of abstraction. “Much of my work flows from a place of searching,” she says. “Seeking out the (shared) qualities within us all, those traits that reveal our true spirit.”

An idealist, Erica is a strong proponent of manifestation- the belief that people can be transformed by that which they put into their minds. Because of this, her art aspires to always be optimistic, more joyful than painful, and more defiant than fearful.

Right Photo:

“A Storm Within” | Erica was accepted into the 41st Elkhart Juried Regional with this painting. It was displayed at the Midwest Museum of Art on October 5 - December 21, 2019.

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