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The Wonder that is Woman

Eva Goldfarb is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in New Zealand.

Born in a liberal pocket in Indianapolis, Eva was encouraged to visualize solutions, and cultivated her talents as a means of communication and expression from an early age. Seeking inspiration from travel and the human body, she reflects her insights through photography, collage, pencil, and paint. She currently lives in New Zealand, where she works with local communities, creating conversations about sustainability and climate change.

Eva’s Bachelor of Science degree in Arts Management has given her the opportunity

to work with commercial photographers, videographers, and marketing creatives in

Seattle and Portland, helping them to realize and reveal their artistic visions in the commercial

arena. She also volunteers her time to Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington, where

she works to ensure future generations are as supported in their artistic endeavors as she was as a youth.

Eva’s artistic goal is to see the beauty of form transcend socioeconomic, political, and cultural

boundaries. In this series, she explores the female form using bold lines, subdued colors, and distinct symbology.

Drawn from life and embellished with imagination, this collection challenges the audience to bridge the physical and spiritual, encouraging them to revel in The Wonder That is Woman.

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