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Jessica Shafer | Creative Portfolio

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

You'll discover projects showcasing my dedication to crafting captivating visual experiences and driving effective digital strategies. With experience working remotely and on location for both small and large businesses, from published magazine editions to podcast and video editing, and even curating art galleries for marketing creatives and unique businesses, my work spans diverse mediums and geographical boundaries.

Each project demonstrates my commitment to business growth and community connection. My contributions go beyond showcasing skills – they offer tangible solutions that elevate brands and ignite success. Whether it's designing compelling websites, curating engaging social media, executing seamless marketing campaigns, or creating curated art experiences, my work is a direct testament to my commitment to driving results, regardless of physical location.



I provide direct business education through consulting services, available either on an hourly basis or through scheduled contract dates. My work closely involved small and medium-sized establishments, where I create branding materials such as graphics, web designs, ads, signage, logos, and more. This results in a cohesive and uniform brand appearance. Additionally, for owners with multiple vertically integrated businesses, I successfully executed separate branding while facilitating cross-promotion.

Ruthless Bar & Patio

Ruthless Bar & Patio

Evergreen Eatery

Evergreen Eatery

Jarrety's Place

Jarrety's Place

Arlington Public House

Arlington Public House

Richie's Men's Wear

Upon entering into a contract, I undertook graphic design, photoshoots, and similar responsibilities for the owner's boutique and dentistry, resembling the work I did for Richie's Men's Wear.

Richie's Men's Wear

ITRCC | Indiana Toll Road

Contracted as a communications specialist, engaging in graphic design, crafting social media content, and conducting research, both at the Elkhart, IN office and through remote work.


Digital Wolf Magazine & Alien Dove | Design & Publishing

Created and launched Digital Wolf Magazine, an artistic print and digital publication crafted to exhibit diverse creative portfolios from individuals across various backgrounds nation and worldwide through connections. As the publisher, my role encompassed graphic design, social media management, promotional efforts, email marketing, project coordination, and effective task delegation. Additionally, introduced Alien Dove, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the portfolio of a single creative talent.



Generated graphics for promotional materials, fulfilled the role of podcast editor, offered expertise as a marketing consultant. Developed advertisements and orchestrated event arrangements, including scheduling meetings, organizing the agenda, coordinating events, and driving promotion efforts.

Memorial Block Party | Marketing Campaign Event

Organized a block party for multiple businesses, which involved arranging the dates, handling marketing, creating graphics, managing social media, and promoting the event.

Marketing Campaign

The Native Nook | Art Gallery

I operated an art gallery located in Rochester. At this establishment, I offered a platform for artists to showcase and sell their creations, facilitating connections between them and other artists for potential collaborative projects. My responsibilities encompassed inventory management, as well as curating art exhibitions. Alongside this, I hosted live music performances and various events. I took charge of all aspects of marketing, promotion, and design work as well.

The Meantime Chronicles | Art Show Curation

On July 14, 2022, artist Kyle Krauskopf journeyed from Seattle, Washington, to present his captivating creations at The Native Nook art show for the second time. Attendees gathered in excitement to appreciate Krauskopf's unique artworks, accompanied by the melodious tunes of Firetruck Saves the Day from Argos, Indiana. This event beautifully brought together artistic talents and diverse communities, resulting in a memorable and inspiring evening.

Krauskopf's focus was on The Meantime Chronicles, a year-long project that combined his illustrative style with a weekly original short story or poem throughout 2022.

Marketing Campaign Event

Echoes of Oblivion | Live Music Event | Art Gallery

Marketing Campaign Event

On August 6, 2023, just outside the walls of The Native Nook, music reverberated with the thunderous performance of Echoes from Oblivion, marking an epic milestone for metal enthusiasts! In a captivating blend of music and energy, the band ignited the stage and etched their presence into history.

The tantalizing aroma of Tacos and Tarot's delectable delights filled the alley beside the gallery, satisfying every craving. Meanwhile, for those discerning palates aged 21 and above, Putt's Bar & Grill catered to your beverage desires with a curated selection, elegantly served in the vibrant ambiance of the outdoor beer garden.


Unique Destinations & Services | Cross Promoting Campaign

I designed this campaign with the purpose of linking communities through an online directory. Each business in Northern Indiana will receive a poster to showcase at their location, promoting their presence. This initiative aims to enhance your business's visibility, foster connections with other communities, and ultimately support your growth and success.

Poster Design



Volunteer Marketing Consultant - Rochester Downtown Partnership

I am passionate about showcasing the diverse and distinctive destinations in Rochester, extending beyond the downtown area while recognizing its significance as a starting point. My aim is to foster unity among neighboring communities, emphasizing the potential for collaboration, and supporting local businesses. In contributing to the organization, I can leverage my skills in web design, graphics, and marketing campaigns to develop promotional materials that effectively promote and highlight the beauty and offerings of our community.

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Marketing Consulting

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