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Digital Wolf Magazine

On April 30th, 2022, the 7th edition of Digital Wolf Magazine was released called Art Beats Stigma. The focus is on how art- in whatever form it takes- can change the conversation by bridging the gap between those struggling related to mental health or substance use issues, and the communities they might feel alienated from. 


Collaborating with us on this edition are:

Journalist - Sheldon Hubbard - Greenville, SC

Photographer - Leah Merrix - Macy, IN

Creative Writer - Brendan Douglas - Fishers, IN

Editors - Brynn Wilson and Andrea Stineback - Rochester, IN

Graphic Designer - Jessica Shafer - Rochester, IN

Content Editor - Erica Coffing - Rochester, IN


Creative Natives featured in Art Beats Stigma:

Kyle Krauskopf - Small Drawings High Hopes - Seattle, WA

Lindsay Barts - Yoga for Art - Rochester, IN

Pat Brown - Recovery Cafe - Rochester, IN

Steve Henn - Indiana's Noble Sad Man of the Year - Warsaw, IN

Bella Gallentine - Artist - Clarksville, TN

Amy Roe - Fulton County Hope - Rochester, IN

Nicole Manning - Therapeutic Art Coaching - Walton, IN

Art Beats Stigma Project

Art Beats Stigma

Creating art projects related to substance use and mental health issues told by individuals who have been affected. Individuals interested in participating are encouraged to produce their own work, or they can be paired with an artist who can bring their creative expressions to life.


We believe that art- in whatever form it takes- can change the conversation and be a bridge between those struggling with recovery, and the communities they might feel alienated from.


The stigma of dealing with the effects of substance abuse and mental health issues can be just as daunting as the issues themselves. Stigma is even credited as a factor that contributes to the severity of the problem, and as an obstacle to recovery.


If you can sculpt, paint, write, dance, sing- or whatever- we can use your help. If your medium is digital art, video, photography, or something completely unique, we will be willing to accommodate your vision if you are willing to share it.

We have a roster of professional artists who have enthusiastically volunteered to work on this project. These artists can be coaches, collaborators, editors, or contribute to the specific needs of the works in their various stages. Works are displayed at The Native Nook and Fulton County Recovery Cafe.

To share a story, or become a contributing artist as a volunteer, | 574-242-1120

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @artbeatsstigma



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