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We'll Never Be Famous

Digital Wolf Magazine

We'll never be famous… and that is ok with us.  No, seriously it is. We do not mind that we may never be mobbed on the street and asked for an autograph. Strolling the red carpet while being subjected to the disorienting flash of the paparazzi is not likely an experience that will be attained by the majority of the artists you are about to meet here on the pages of the Digital Wolf.

Different than in previous editions, we want to not only highlight the accomplishments but the process, the efforts, and toil involved in creating. Having a gift or talent does not mean that it just all happens with ease. People say, “I wish I had your talent” like if they were born with some magical gift, they too would be able to create this enchanted thing. Nay, nay, friend, not without the commitment and a lot of hustle and with some blood, sweat and tears, if you will. Do not for a minute think that these individuals do not put in the work to make it all happen.

What we have is a growing network of creatives that all seem to be drawn together with appreciation and respect for each other’s talents and craft. Being surrounded by and working alongside collaborators allows “the grind” to be less contemptible and more often than not, we inspire each other. 

So why do we do it, if not for fame and fortune? We work our asses off on the daily, sacrificing family, social life, health, free time, sleep, financial security…for what? For some, it is a calling, or maybe even a sickness. Sometimes the struggle is maddening but in the end we would have it no other way! We will never be famous… but we are in good company.



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