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Norman Basile | Hobart, IN

Norman Basile | Digital Wolf Network | We'll Never Be Famous


Norman Basile, Magician

"The everyday grind to make money means little to an artist like myself, thus I do not measure my success by society’s conventional means, especially when defying the laws of physics is common practice in my life… A cheesy handkerchief or sponge ball routine commonly comes to mind when someone is asked, “Do you want to see a magic trick?” but magic is so much more than that and I plan to revive the “magic” in magic. It is hope, excitement, beauty, wonder, mystery—all rolled into a theatrical display of storytelling and unique physical ability. This art is not tangible like a drawing or painting is; it cannot be held or owned. It is not a passion you just express like a dance or a song. I live as a magician. The world is my stage and magic is a way of life. And when the looks of awe on my audiences’ faces are the subconscious applause I search for, success (to me) is seeing that twinkle of inspiration in their eyes come to life as I take my bow."
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