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Recovery Cafe Fulton County

Pat Brown - Recovery Cafe - Rochester, IN

Rapid growth in modern technology seems to come quicker each year and is accompanied by new science, education, and advancements in the health and medical industries in almost every field. That progress not only helps to cure the human body, it gives rise to better understanding which begins to tear down misconceptions and stigmas that can often be associated with the misdiagnosed or ailments of which little was once known. The emotional damage to those crudely stained by society out of ignorance or fear of the unknown can be more difficult to bear than the affliction itself. Adding those unnecessary anxieties to someone who may be burdened with a known or unknown psychological disorder can be devastating to the person afflicted as well as those around them.

Even with all the advances in science and medicine, today most communities still have very few resources beyond outdated materials that can sometimes still perpetuate unwarranted stigmas. The Recovery Café, located in downtown Rochester, Indiana, provides a more wholesome, educational, and welcoming stance when it comes to bringing light to understanding the core of mental health.

Pat Brown of Recovery Café has always been triggered by the anger of human injustice to help others. He found not only his faith in Christianity but his purpose and passion to serve through his daily reading of the New Testament. Struggling as a child to understand how a society could let people go without the essential necessities needed to live, Pat worked to help provide less fortunate children in his community with the things they needed to survive instead of frivolous, materialistic items he knew he could go without. Our current state systems find ways to fund jails, policemen, and courts, but do not build any systems to support our children already suffering with mental health. Pat hopes to evolve into an advocate unafraid to challenge the status quo and be a leader of the change that addresses the inequities that exist.

With the few hours spent not helping others, Pat relaxes by listening to music and finds inspiration by watching TED talks. His love of powerful speakers moved him to his own artistic expression of writing for speaking, or simply oratory, (the spoken word moving a person to tears, laughter, understanding, or action) is an art form he has always been able to relate to.

Pat sees a future where drugs are legalized and regulated, much like alcohol, which he believes will end much pain and suffering. When the United States has four percent of the world’s population and has imprisoned twenty-five percent of its people, something is wrong and must change. Pat wants to be a voice that will help incite change, starting with reducing the stigma in Rochester where he has witnessed how destructive and rampant it has been to his own community.

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