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She Speaks through her Art

She Speaks through her Art - Bella Gallentine - Clarksville, TN

When viewing and appreciating the work of Bella Gallentine, most would be shocked to learn that this self-taught artist is only eighteen years old. Her craft began to develop and grow through research, analyzing reference photos and videos, and studying techniques with various types of material. While starting out at a young age without any sense of style, her studies and experimentation with different art styles allowed her to quickly and dramatically progress. Bella can now work with almost any type of medium and materials in order to create.

Her passion for focusing on color elements in order to create emotion is quickly realized when surveying a piece of her work. Although one may not initially understand the meaning behind her work of art, profound light and dark tones emanate throughout her work allowing one to feel what is being conveyed first.

Life experiences drive her passion to create. When life’s challenges arise, thoughts begin to stir in her mind, or when words cannot express what she would like to communicate, she speaks through her art. “Experiential reflection is an overarching trait of artistic expression. Whether it directly mirrors something the artist has gone through, is a depiction of a situation someone else has gone through, or is something drummed up through pondering situations that the artist heard of.”

As an appreciator of art, Bella believes all art has some type of significant meaning. She believes all artists should take time to try and appreciate what else is going on in their respective medium for possible inspiration by what other artists have pushed themselves to do in terms of artistry.

Bella’s three favorite art forms are surrealism, expressionism, and photo realism because they correlate with the inner mind, experiences, and emotions. She believes art is directly related to mental health due to her own experiences of using art to express what she felt at the time of creating, which could potentially be compared to what others feel or what they are going through. Mentality and emotion have historically driven artistic expression. Great art can be produced when the head and heart meet. Hopefully the future will bring more art being created and used to show issues that are not necessarily recognized. Continuity despite opposition is integral in the artist's trudge forward to continue self-expression and bring clarity to the world around them.

Bella does commissions in all types of mediums and is always welcoming to someone wanting her to create for them.

Find her on Instagram: @shortbee_davinci

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