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Therapeutic Art Coaching

Nicole Manning - Therapeutic Art Coaching - Walton, IN

Her spiritual and healing practice, The Soul Relaunch, is a twenty-four hours per day way of life for mother and Spiritual Transformation and Mindset Coach, Nicole Manning of Walton, Indiana. Nicole is devoted to helping people feel good again through self-healing, and by using their own energy and mindset. She specializes in coaching women, and it’s been a goal close to her heart. This isa passion motivated from her own experiences at a time when her life was much different than the life she leads today.

From an early age, Nicole battled ADHD, and from the age of fifteen to thirty-three, she also struggled with depression, social anxiety, and addiction to opiates. She felt unconscious in the waking world, constantly seeking approval through sex, pleasing others with no concern of her own needs, and avoiding conflict at all costs. It was not until a few years after her awakening when things began to change. As she arised, she began to question her own reality and belief system.

Growing up in a family of Christian faith, the only time she heard of energy healing was from the story of Jesus healing a woman by touching her. Indisposed due to a cold, a higher guidance urged her to search for holistic remedies and she stumbled across the term “energy healing” which led to reading about Reiki and a term unknown to her, Chakra. Diving into the research and studying about the chakras and healing with life force energy birthed a new way of life and thinking. After investing in her own Life Coach, Natalie Schlute, and learning how to navigate through past experiences to clear a path with a plan to move forward, Nicole knew she wanted to give the gift she received to other struggling mothers. Now armed with the knowledge and tools of energy, chakra, crystal healing, meditation, Oracle and Tarot cards, neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis, Nicole dedicates her time to healing and being a positive influence on others.

Nicole always had a fondness for working with her hands to create art. Using ceramics to sculpt the visions in her mind was a therapeutic outlet. Photography was another escape, yet more of a pastime than a passion. After her awakening however, being behind the camera’s eye opened a new realm of vision and creativity with expansive possibilities of capturing feelings and energy on film. It feeds into her desire to help others on how they view the world and shows them they have the power to take control of their own lives and not be afraid to be the person they know and feel they are.

As Nicole keeps expanding into new territories to find different ways to share positivity and energy, the doors to The Soul Relaunch will be open for those seeking a new direction in life, or methods of healing the soul and taking control of their being in a place filled with love and compassion.

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