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Freedom of Expression | Yana Kline

Freedom of Expression | Yana Kline

Written by Sheldon Hubbard

“Art is a place where you can be with your own kind, a magical place where imagination flies freely and widely.” This quote from multicultural artist, illustrator, painter, and photographer Efrat Cybulkiewicz, is a phenomenal reflection of what it is like to tap into that flow state as an artist. In your imagination, you are as weightless as its dimensions are endless. The sense of freedom creation gives you is unprecedented.

It seems that from a young age, Fulton County native, Yana Kline, has been continuously encouraged throughout her life to pursue the curation of her artistic abilities. From being influenced by her grandmother to craft away with anything from her own craft closet, through her high school and post-secondary years, Yana has produced some fine canvas pieces, stuff that is sleek and has a prominent noir mystique with a modernist accent.

“For me creating is a free expression of the internal thoughts. Wherever I am in life: happy, sad, overwhelmed… art gives me a way to be vulnerable and expressive in that state. It’s my own therapy.”

Feeling safe within the artscape of your psyche is very important. It gives one control of the pen (or brush, or instrument, etc.) quite literally. It is one thing to be artistic as a hobby, it is a completely new world when you shift it to the forefront of your interest. This leads one to the potential realization that multiple facets may exist to their creativity that they might have never known existed. Without taking those leaps within your imagination, understanding the expanse your creative nature holds will remain foreign.

“It took a while before I felt comfortable sharing my more vulnerable art. Because of how close I hold my emotions. But the more I shared and the more amazing feedback I received... the more confident I felt in sharing. Now I very much enjoy sharing my work publicly.”

When sharing something you have created, you are putting a mirrored version of your inner artscape out into the world. For some that can be easy, for others it can take some serious self nudging. Once that jump is made, the artistic liberation it delivers instills a special remnant of that piece from the inside out.

Pieces by Yana are afloat all across her social media and if you know her, odds are you will encounter her art before you know it.

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