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I'm Jess, the Designer and Marketing Consultant for Digital Wolf. Professionally, I've been deeply involved in graphic design since the age of 19, officially for the past seven years. As an independent contractor, my goal is to assist businesses and creative individuals in achieving success by expanding their reach and growing their audience. I specialize in digital and print designs, social media consulting, digital marketing, and conducting workshops. One of our notable campaigns, Unique Destinations Directory connects unique shopping, dining, and entertainment spots nationwide. I'm passionate about travel and seek to incorporate this into my work, sharing unique experiences with a broader audience.

With a dedicated team, Digital Wolf Magazine was launched, showcasing Creative Natives across various themes in each edition. Additionally, a magazine dedicated to an individual's creative portfolio titled "Alien Dove: The Mind of Leah Merrix" was produced. Creative Natives, and other contributors collaborated to establish The Native Nook Art Gallery, hosting an array of events such as parties, art shows, poetry readings, magazine release parties and more. Although the physical location is no longer open as The Native Nook, I have converted the Nook into a mobile gallery where I curate art shows at various locations and attend as a vendor at markets.


I continually seek ways to improve marketing strategies and discover new places and individuals. Consulting involves understanding business needs in terms of design and marketing, working together to enhance brand consistency. I now offer branding photography services that can be utilized for websites, advertisements, and other marketing platforms. The local and surrounding communities have been incredibly supportive. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from fellow creatives and continue expand my skill set.

Jessica Shafer Design & Marketing
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