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Punk Drunk Love

Brimming with compliments for each other, positivity, and dreams for the future, Tony Walters and Rebekah live in a state of perpetual creativity. And with her career as an actress and model and his pursuits in filmmaking and photography, everything seems to come naturally for the couple.

From co-hosting a podcast to ‘LARPing’ (Live Action Role Play), or making films, they inspire and encourage each other’s passion for entertainment.

Driven by unique ambitions and limitless goals, their four years together has not only solidified a strong relationship but has built an even stronger foundation for their growing local production studio that will enable other new, or underground, filmmakers to get their feet off the ground en route to fulfilling their own big dreams.

No stranger to the entertainment industry, Tony was the lead singer in a local punk rock band in the early 2000's, and his forte for performance began with microphones, mosh pits, and a dash of anarchy. A knack for marketing CD's and live shows created a domino effect of success and a decade of back-to-back projects that led to the YouTube channel that pointed him in the direction of his current venture as a filmmaker.

“I create because I have to; I am driven by the love of the craft and the need to be greater than who I am,” he says. He pursues his ambitions by doing everything he can to get on a film set, even if it is only as an assistant, in order to meet new filmmakers to learn from, and potentially work with in the future. An ambitious photographer and filmmaker, Tony’s roles behind the lens have included ‘Director of Photography’ and ‘Cinematographer’. His love of storytelling through these mediums is evident as he designs all of the lighting for each scene- frame by frame, setting the tone for how the movie will look. And though working solo can be an aspect of his craft, he finds that working and collaborating with new people are, by far, his greatest passion.

It was the spirit of collaboration that led to the creation of Tony’s own production company, Rad Entertainment, and to the most important partnership of his life in meeting Rebekah, a local actress who had heard the calling since she was a child.

“I made my first movie when I was in fourth grade,” she explains. “It was my own murder mystery thriller masterpiece.” She experienced cinematic epiphanies after watching the films ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Kill Bill’ as a teen and found herself on the path that would intersect with Tony’s, as if by fate. Together, the duo became virtually unstoppable, pushing each other to their limits with an artistic twist of encouragement and determination, which Tony credits as the reason he fell for Rebekah, along with her passion and drive for the industry. “I don’t know that I have to encourage Rebekah to be creative, because she may be more driven than me,” he says.

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