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Lords of R Town

Brant Johnson, aka B.T., Tyler Minix and Travis Thompson have been kickin’ and pushin’ together for over a decade, but it had been awhile since they’d gotten together when the agreed to meet up with us to show Digital Wolf readers some tricks, tips, and inspiration.

Dubbed The Lords of R Town, the crew learned their skills with a combination of relentless attitudes, YouTube videos, and psyching each other up. B.T. and Travis’ bond runs deep, with a shared history that extends back to childhood where the country roads, skateboards,

and gravel helped to make their own indelible impression of the ‘pain is gain’ theory.

At the skate park, the ‘gains’ are obvious as they execute thrilling moves and tricks that seem to defy the laws of physics. Body movement and muscle memorization work in sync, and are key to landing the tricks and breaking the ‘chicken foot curse’ that inhibits some skaters from taking chances.

From its beginnings as ‘sidewalk surfing’, to its status as a cornerstone of extreme sports,

skateboarding is as popular as ever for reasons that go beyond how cool it looks. Physical

benefits are numerous, as the act of being able to balance on unstable surfaces strengthens

the body’s core. Each move on the board requires multiple muscle and joint movements;

quadriceps extend, controlling knee extension and hip flexion; calves are relied upon for

shifting weight when turning; hamstrings allow for crouching down to maintain a low center of

gravity- these actions, and more, happen in rapid succession, making even the basics more

complicated than what meets the eye. And beyond the physical perks of burned calories and

potential weight loss, some even find that practicing itself can be a form of therapy.

Watching ‘The Lords of R Town’ go through and explain their repertoire of tricks and moves, it

seems like the level of virtuosity they embody must surely be out of reach to most people, but

that is not a sentiment they share.

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