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Despite being a relatively new medium, podcasts have exploded in popularity as a source of entertainment and information. With the tendency to put a tighter focus on subjects and subject matter, the specialized nature and convenience of access gives audiences a virtual

smorgasbord of topics, formats, and options to satisfy their episodic appetites.

Yet even with the competitive nature of the podcasting world, Rochester native Tanner Lee has managed to carve out a niche’ that has enabled him to share his love of sports with an ever-expanding audience. Making time around his full-time job as a Marketing Specialist for the locally based First Federal Savings Bank, Tanner lends his distinct raspy voice to sharing his knowledge and passion to three popular podcasts:

“It inspires me when someone tells me that they love listening to one of my podcasts, or, when someone contacts me seeking my advice or opinion for something sports related.”

The Tan and J-Man Show, in which he covers a variety of sports with co-host Josh Mundt.

The Tan and J-Man Show, co-hosted with partner Josh Mundt, is recorded live every Monday night from 6:30-7:30 p.m. It airs on the ISC Sports Network which can be seen on 9

different TV providers around the state including RTC (channel 122), the ISC Sports Network, Facebook and Twitter pages, the free ISC Sports Network app, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.)

Boiler Breakdown, a podcast for fans of Purdue football and men’s basketball.

It’s recorded weekly with long time friends and Rochester Natives Evan Webber and Andrew Eiler from August-March. It’s streamed live on the Boiler Breakdown Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube.

Orange Weekly, a Denver Broncos media group production that tapped Tanner to host the post-game podcast for the NFL franchise after discovering him via the Tan and J-Man Show.

Lee remains motivated by staying consistent, accurate, and up to date in his knowledge, and being able to share that with his fellow fans.

The Orange Weekly is a postgame podcast recorded weekly during the NFL season as Tanner and co-host Geoff Ryan breaks down the previous Denver Broncos game.

You can listen/subscribe to these podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts at including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio and Google Play.

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