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Dissecting Design

A visual message can sometimes be the simplest way to convey an idea. Think about the ones we use almost daily on social media. A ‘thumbs up’ equals ‘like’, or ‘approval’ without saying a single word. A ‘heart’ is universally accepted as taking it a step further, upping the ante to emotional levels of affection, and even love. And the simplicity of a circle with a backslash through it that means ‘no’, or, implies something is forbidden or unwanted, is an example of a visual language that has been successfully giving us wordless warnings for years.

The advertising industry has always understood the importance of an easily recognized message in visual form. Visual communication in graphic design thrives at the intersection of art and communication. The ability to reach out to an audience through striking images is key to engaging them as consumers, grabbing their attention and interest in a way that makes them want to buy a product, attend an event, or go see a movie.

Good design is an important communication tool, and when done right, it conveys ideas in ways that are not only effective, but can be as aesthetically beautiful as a work of art. Good design makes you look good.

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