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Craig Suede

Craig (Suede) Furnivall I 32

Musician, Performer, Teacher

Hometown: Rochester, IN

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Craig Furnivall, known on stage as Craig Suede, travels the world writing, singing, and playing guitar in multiple bands.

The name change was a nickname turned stage persona after fronting a band called Jack of Suede in Muncie, IN circa 2007. Craig grew up loving music and quickly explored his singing voice in various choirs, like Indiana's Circle the State with Song and Indiana's All State Honor Choir. Theater and Choir at Rochester High School gave him a chance to be on stage and in the spotlight. He continued to build on these experiences outside of high school.

After finishing college, he moved from Muncie, IN to San Diego in pursuit of his musical career. His life consisted of travelling and performing in a variety of places such as coffee shops, casinos, bars and rock venues; he went wherever the music took him. He's traveled to Vietnam twice to play Quest Festival, performed at hundreds of stages up and down the west coast, and his career has far from slowed down. Craig now lives in Seattle, WA where he's still playing shows and festivals and recently getting radio play on Seattle's KEXP.

Craig's main project is called Happy Heartbreak. A rock genre, the band's vibe produces happy sounding sad songs to electric guitars and cello. When writing his songs he enjoys pushing himself by only keeping lyrics that make him uncomfortable to sing. Sharing these honest experiences through music is something he's learned to appreciate while connecting with others and embracing the vulnerability behind his music.

"If you don't settle your past, you'll only settle in the future."- Line from an original song called Again Again written by Craig Suede, performed by Happy Heartbreak.

Along with performing, he teaches music at Mode Music Studios in Seattle, and has private vocal students focusing on musicians who play in bands and individuals who are transitioning. Knowing your voice is important because it empowers you to find comfort in your voice and the identity that your voice carries. Through the music, we can all develop our ability to create and express.

"No matter how far I go or where I'm traveling, Indiana is my home. I feel attached to the people and the places, the experiences and the connection from traveling, but I am only able to appreciate it all by remembering where I came from. I encourage anyone reading this to know great things can come from small towns. So challenge yourself, take risks, and never lose those hometown experiences that gave you the foundation to build upon."

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