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Blind Pig Confessions

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The Blind Pig Confessions podcast started in 2015, after drinking beer and bullshitting inspired them to record their ‘Guy Night Out’ sessions for everyone else’s entertainment.

Not long after, Alley’s Ale House in Fishers, Indiana wanted the BPC crew for Tuesday night shows that included musicians, beer, and their off-the-wall topics; their following took off from there. Exploring more breweries and summer beer festivals across the Midwest, from Michigan to Tennessee, they have created listeners and followers world-wide.

Like everyone else in 2020, the pandemic has currently slowed down their social mingling and travelling this year, but it has not completely stopped the guys from doing what they love. They continue to support local businesses, like small dive bars and breweries, and they do it all in the name of their love for craft beer and bullshitting. When it comes to supporting ‘local,’ the guys' actions speak louder than words, with donations to local charities such as Kammy’s Kause, Noblesville Brew fest, and Indy Pies & Pints.

Check out their podcast every Friday evening, as they dive into the heart of America. From its rich history of booze and bootlegging during the prohibition, to the new craft beer and spirit craze today, as well as some of their own tales of drunken shenanigans in between, the podcast covers it all.

The OG’s

The OG's - Brendon Douglas, Chris Jordan, Justin Albertson, and Patrick Hall

Newest Members - Shannan Bauer, Clark Myers, Robert Cavazos Jr., Warren Kluck, and Robert Miller

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