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Youthful Yoga | The Sobrino Boys

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

With origins that extend back more than 5,000 years, yoga has had plenty of time to establish itself as a valid means to improve the physical and mental health of its practitioners as proven by its enthusiastic embrace by western culture. Benefits include improved balance and flexibility, pain management, increased energy, relaxation, and stress management. And though the practice seems to be marketed predominantly to adults, there is plenty of evidence that it is equally beneficial for kids.

The Sobrino boys, Bastian, 14, Edrien, 11, and Kaiden, 8, have been practicing yoga for four years and their father Mario can attest to the improvements he has seen as a result.

“It brings a positive mindfulness to these boys, especially the younger ones,” he says. “They love to play and create their own yoga poses.”

Active in sports, the boys fit in yoga practice three times a week for about an hour each day, complementing their athletic pursuits.

Beyond yoga, the boys also follow in the footsteps of their father in practicing alternative healing arts, including Sound Healing, Reiki, Asanas, Sun Salutations, and Crystal Healing. They supplement these with additional input from Mario's wife, Kelly, who incorporates herbs and new modalities into the boys’ practice.

“The boys love to share their knowledge with friends and family and have even spent time applying what they know to help the elderly,” Mario says. “Especially Kaiden, the youngest. He is super involved with Sound Healing and Cupping practices, and they are all very open to learning.”

Whatever the future holds for these young healers, you can believe that they will be ready to meet it in body and mind.

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