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Visions, Voices & Vibes

NorthWest Indiana Paranormal and Medium Services is an investigation society that researches paranormal activity. Owner Sonya Dickerson used to be a skeptic herself, believing all paranormal hype was ‘hogwash,’ until strange things began happening to her personally.

Growing up in Chicago, Sonya’s family was religious, but also open to visions and the unexplained. She did not start having serious visions until her mid 30’s while she was working as a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority and would see visions of passengers on her bus. Reluctant to deliver messages in fear of losing her job, some visions were too strong not to tell. Nobody ever reported her messages, because they were always creepily accurate.

“One time a lady was getting on the bus with a bunch of kids, and I noticed a dead woman behind her, and I realized the woman was following her.” told Dickerson. “She was a dead older lady. So I told the woman who was carrying a bunch of groceries, ‘You know, this might sound crazy, but I tend to see things. Would you like to hear what I have?’ She looked at me like, ‘Ok, tell me what you see.’ She gave me that look you would give a little kid that told you they just saw Santa Claus.”

“‘Well,’ I said, ‘there’s an older lady standing behind you.’ She said ‘oh really?’”

“‘Yes,’ I told her. ‘She wants to know why your son has been having headaches.’ She dropped her groceries. That’s just one of many examples that’s happened over the years.”

Her Chicago transit days ended after twelve years, as Dickerson’s health declined and she became wheelchair bound.

She has since written seven books you can buy on Amazon and hosts the podcast ‘The Mad Chronically Ill Girl’ that you can hear on iTunes or Spotify.

Dickerson started her own paranormal business after she experienced it for herself in her own home. “I had some strange events happen in my home that couldn’t be explained by any other reason. Activity that was witnessed by several credible people and the Hammond Indiana Police Department, who told me, “Don’t call us back for anything like this because we can’t help you. You need to call someone else, like a priest.’ Exact words from the officer.”

She did exactly that and learned some techniques to help others who were experiencing some of the same things. “I will never forget feeling hopeless,” said Dickerson. That feeling of hopelessness sparked her desire to build NorthWest Indiana Paranormal and Medium Services for anyone in the Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area who needs that special kind of help to rid their homes of otherworldly activity; Dickerson has even traveled as far south as Indianapolis.

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