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Uncorking Culture in Rochester

Photo taken by Shelby Lopez

The island nation of Cuba is nearly 1,500 miles away from Rochester, IN, but locals who want to experience that country’s cuisine do not have to travel quite so far. Uncorked, located at 527 Main Street, has been offering unique and exotic menu items with a local flair since 2017, much to the delight of foodies of Fulton County and beyond. But, like any success story, the journey to bringing that food to the community was not a short one. Rochester native, Alissa Troutman Ferro had been working in the restaurant industry in Naples, FL, where she met her future husband Luis, the son of Cuban immigrants, in 2004. It was on a return trip from a management contest in Napa Valley, CA, that they together realized that the notion of owning their own restaurant was not as impossible as it once seemed. They determined that a place in an established community where the right connections could be made, and, an opportunity to stick out and be unique would be key to success. And Alissa instantly knew of just such a place: her hometown. A key component to bringing their idea to Rochester was the fact that Alissa’s parents still lived there and were put to the task of keeping an eye out for potential location property opportunities. The success of venues like the Evergreen Restaurant and Schnabeltier suggested that residents were open to new dining and drinking experiences, and when she learned that the building that would house her dreams was up for auction, Alissa felt confident enough to bid for it over the phone via her mother. With an address and a plan in place, and a little help from government grants, the Ferro’s ambitions were realized as Uncorked made its debut on North Main Street. Their menu consists of small- town spins on Cuban classics, including delectable appetizers like tostones, and black bean soup, and more; , hearty Cubano sandwiches, , and tantalizing entrees like palomilla steak, and pork roasts are also offered. And don’t forget to leave room for desserts, like flan, and guava cheesecake. Uncorked also features seasonal and temporary menu items, so be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for their full menu and updates.

Photo taken by Shelby Lopez

Delicious Details About Some of Uncorked’s Offerings: - “Our Roast Pork is slow-cooked for at least seven hours in our homemade Cuban Mojo Marinade; it’s what makes our Cuban Sandwich so delicious.” - “Plantains are a menu mainstay of most of the dishes we serve. Plantains, which are a cousin of the banana, are very starchy, and they make a great chip, but we also serve them as ‘tostones’. For this, they are cut thicker, and smooshed down into a patty form, so they are crispy on the outside, and a little soft on the inside.” - “’Palomilla’ is a Cuban style of steak, and ours is a thinly sliced sirloin that is marinated in lime juice and garlic for a bold, tangy flavor.” - “Our delicious flan (a dessert custard) is from a family recipe that Luis’ mother taught him step-by-step how to recreate. Though the obvious main attraction is the food, Uncorked also boasts an eclectic selection of beer and wine choices, and a welcoming atmosphere. From the living-room style furniture in the front of the bar area, to walls adorned with décor and art- including pieces from their personal collection and from local artists, they want customers to feel at home and comfortable. And speaking of the comforts of home, the Ferro family (of five) enjoy the benefits of a short commute by living above their business,. Check out Uncorked for yourself to experience a taste of Cuban cuisine and culture in a cozy setting.

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