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The World is a Stage | Mitchell Shafer

For Mitchell Shafer, the world's a stage and a snapshot waiting to be captured. The seventeen-year-old is not only comfortable being the focus of an audience as a developing actor, but he is also an aspiring photographer for whom ‘focus’ and ‘developing’ have somewhat different meanings. We managed to catch up with this talented hyphenate for an interview about his life on the stage and through the viewfinder.

You have been involved with acting through school and with the Fulton County Amateur Thespians group. When were you first bitten by the ‘acting bug’?

“I’ve been in theater for two years now under the instruction of Mrs. Pearcy, and I got involved with the FCAT before they put on To All A Good Night, their first production.

Did you have to audition?

“Yeah, I have gone through multiple auditions. They are nerve-wracking, but they are fun to do!”

Tell us about some of your roles.

“I was in To All A Good Night as a secondary lead role as a doctor and sang the chorus on Santa Baby; I had been cast in lead roles in other school productions, but they got canceled because of COVID-19. I was recently cast as ‘Papa Ogre’ and in the chorus in the musical, Shrek.” (Rochester High School’s upcoming spring production)

It sounds like you are really enjoying it.

“Yes. Doing plays and musicals is a blast because everyone in the production makes the energy in the room feel amazing!”

You are also an aspiring photographer. What attracted you to photography?

“I like the idea of capturing amazing pictures so other people can enjoy seeing what I am seeing.”

How long have you been doing it?

“A couple of years. I have been learning to do more in-depth and different varieties of photographs since.

Do you have any teachers, mentors, or others who have influenced and encouraged you?

“My mom and dad and my sister Jess have all given me nice feedback on my photography. It helps me to want to keep going and doing it more.”

What does the future hold for you? Do you have any long-term goals related to theater or photography?

“I do see myself always doing some type of photography as I grow up. As for theater, I do enjoy it and will do so for as long as I can, if I get the chance.”

And with such an enthusiasm for artistic pursuits, we will surely have the chance to see more from this talented young man in the future.

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