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The Wheels of Creativity | Kelsey Conner

Seventeen-year-old artist, Kelsey Conner, has carried around a paintbrush with her since her days in diapers. Now a junior at Winamac High School, her art mediums have branched out as much as her abilities.

Paper, canvas, digital art, Kelsey loves experimenting with all of the possibilities for her creations. Her life inspires her artwork. Simple daily tasks such as driving to work can get Kelsey’s wheels of creativity turning.

“My favorite thing about my art is that I’ve finally realized that my art can look like anything I want it to- because it’s mine. So if I want tons of pink in it, I can have that! It’s so freeing; finally accepting that,” Kelsey explained.

Kelsey has a passion for sharing her expression with the world. She has recently begun working on building her platform on social media to display her art. Although small, consistency with her followers is what keeps her going.

“There’s nothing I’d rather do in my life than art. My goals are to either have a small business of my art or work for animated movies/video games as a concept artist. Or hey, maybe all of the above!” Kelsey told us. “I am so grateful for all of my followers as well, and I can’t wait to see where my future in art takes me!”

Instagram: @likeachaii

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