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The Mind of Leah Merrix

Leah Merrix is an incredible human and artist. We began to put together Alien Dove as a Creative Portfolio for her work in the form of a magazine. Her story was written by Brendan Douglas, writer of Digital Wolf Magazine. Brendan interviewed Leah about her as a person, where she started, and about individual featured projects.

The magazine turned into an entire gallery event full of the pieces in the publication as well as others; a lifetime of creations. This private event was it's own exhibition and art piece. Posters were hung of some of her favorite photos of friends and family with a mood setting lighting.

Leah and her husband Mark shared their space with their friends and family for this special night with a beautiful set up and refreshments. The theme to this event was Dark Victorian colors, but no red beside the Guest of Honor. Everyone came dressed up and there was a scheduled photo shoot, followed by a birthday toast at Arlington Public House for Leah and her father.

Leah's new website is now live:

Alien Dove: foreign to the world, messenger of peace.

Alien Dove is a modern day Stranger in a Strange Land for the everyday artist who often feels they're peering at life around them through the optics of a foreign body. This magazine portfolio will showcase artist Leah Merrix’ journey through time and space and the work created through inspirations that life brings through the joy and pain we all must face.

The concept began as a way for artist Leah to show her love and appreciation, not just of other creatives' craft, but to the beauty and passion of her personal journey through time. It is a physical display of how art played a role in her life and continues to inspire. It is a project to expose the light within that connects us to the inspirational energy of others.

When Leah brought her idea to the table to discuss launching the project, she never considered herself as being a subject for the magazine. But as the readers will soon find out, her own journey of getting to where she is today is one of inspiration and only made sense for her to be the heroine of the publication.

To purchase a copy of Alien Dove, click here


  • Creative Writer - Brendan Douglas

  • Copy Editor - Brynn Wilson

  • Graphic Designer - Jessica Shafer

  • Content Editor - Erica Coffing

  • Printing Company - Hub Printing

As the publisher for Alien Dove, we provided magazines, poster printing, stickers, marketing, and advertising design. Leah and Jessica hope to feature other artists in Creative Portfolios and showcase the talents and Alien Doves of the world.

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