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Sutton's Burrow

The jury is still out on whether there is a singular secret to a successful marriage, but Julie and Matt Sutton seemed to have stumbled onto their version of it very early on.

“We have been creating together since high school,” Julie says revealing the artistic spark that still burns between them decades later; “We are still always creating in a variety of

ways- from personal art to public art, from Christmas cards to park murals, to temporary doodles.”to park murals, to temporary doodles.”

Being comfortable in collaboration is a benefit, but their paths did not always converge when it came to pursuing their artistic education.

“Matt has an art degree,” Julie explains of her husband, who applies some of his creativity to his position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rapid View, LLC. “I didn’t get that accomplished, so I am working on teaching myself as I go.”

But when it comes to the question of how they manage to encourage each other artistically, they certainly seem to be on the same page: “I’m always just drawing to impress her,”

Matt says.

“And I’m just trying to be as good as he thinks I am,” Julie adds. “We’re both just creating for an audience of one, and we are each other’s biggest fan. We give each other honest critiques, and trust the other’s artistic opinion, knowing there will be no offense taken.”

Their art achievements are varied. Matt has created art for book covers and games. He is

also responsible for the marketing and graphic design at Schnabeltier. Julie has won a

couple of local art competitions and is planning on trying her luck regionally.

When asked about future goals Matt states he would like to illustrate and create larger

more intricate works. Julie on the other hand would to some day be museum worthy but for

right now “I'm trying to figure out backgrounds and the perfect combination of still life materials.”

Whatever their formula for success is, it has not escaped the notice of the local arts community as their work has been featured and displayed publicly to much acclaim. And though attention has its perks, according to Julie, it is not what motivates the couple to keep making art.

“We don’t sell our work or do commissions; we just do it for fun and are able to create without concern for what is marketable.” No matter what the reason, we’re glad that they do it, and we look forward to seeing the future output of this amazing creative couple.

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