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Split Road Media

Bryce Hardesty | 29

Owner of Split Road Media

Hometown: Mentone, Indiana

Current Location: Rochester, Indiana

Bryce is passionate about learning how to better offer a full marketing mix for businesses while also using his skills to volunteer his time with the Rochester Downtown Partnership, Times Theater, Round Barn Lab and more.

Bryce's interest for printing sparked at age sixteen when he began working for his father's print shop, Hardesty Printing Company. He eventually veered out on his own creating Split Road Media, a

company that builds consistency for all around branding.

Split Road Media believes in clean, simple web designs and strives to provide, above all else, a user friendly experience. They are constantly working on innovating ideas and products as well as meeting new trends in design to support good content.

Bryce created Split Road Media to help other businesses thrive in the ever changing relationship of technology. Our dream is to bridge the gap between your company and the media it deserves.


Web Development I Photography I Videography

Virtual Tours I Graphic Design I Print

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