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Roscoe's Moto Life | Roscoe Hoover

Roscoe Hoover is not your average nine-year-old.

Sure, Roscoe has all of the energy of most kids his age; unlike most kids, he has a seeming need for perpetual motion. Roscoe experiences his need for perpetual motion on the back of a dirt bike riding through the woods and around dirt tracks all over Indiana and the surrounding region.

Starting on a PW50- an entry-level Yamaha he rode at age four, Roscoe, inspired by his father’s love of dirt bikes, quickly showed a talent for riding that led his family and friends to encourage him to try racing.

“It’s fun to go fast and to compete with my friends and other people at the races,” he says. The racetracks in Bloomington, Greensville, and Evansville hold fond memories for him.

He is also a regular participant in the races called Hare-Scrambles. The race consists of a course that runs half through the woods and half out. An experienced rider who now rides a Kawasaki KX65, he acquired several awards, along with the occasional setbacks that come with youth motorsports, including broken arms on two occasions when he was thrown from his bike while riding in the woods.

Roscoe aspires to be like his favorite racer Joel Robert. Joel is one of the greatest champions in the history of motocross. Roscoe hopes to one day become a professional Supercross rider like Joel.

“Supercross is big and fast bikes, and motocross is where you see the jumps,” he says.

As he waits for his shot at the big time, Roscoe likes to play drums and drive tractors around his family’s property, but racing is never far from his mind.

“I’m looking for current sponsorships,” he says, thinking ahead to the day when he can thank the appropriate people from the winner’s podium. “The one I really want is Team Green Kawasaki.”

With a combination of experience, ambition, and tenacity already under his belt, we will undoubtedly see Roscoe Hoover get to live his Supercross dream one day.


If you are interested in helping Roscoe realize his dream via sponsorship, here are some of the ways you can help:

Ways to become a sponsor:

1.) Donating gear

2.) Paying for a race or entry fee

3.) Gas cards

4.) Stickers

5.) Credits from companies that might provide things he needs, like gear, mechanical items

6.) Monetary donations

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