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Reiki Self Treatment For Newbs

Raven of Hope’s Heather Downey is a psychic medium, Reiki master, and Creative Native mentioned in the second edition of Digital Wolf Magazine, Mixed Expressions. Heather gives us further insight into starting Reiki & a home DIY exercise.

Reiki is a powerful tool that can be used to regain inner strength, gain clarity, and find balance. Reiki is life force energy that can channel healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally by learning self-awareness and how to stay grounded and connected.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3: A simple body scan is a great first start into the world of Reiki.

1. Find a comfy space to relax in.

2. Close your eyes!

3. Examine sensations that express their attention to you in the body. Be aware and investigate places that hold tension, these places block your energy flow. Allow yourself to turn inward, starting from your toes and working up. Be aware of the different regions of your body. Allow yourself to let go and experience any feelings that may come up, without trying to change anything.

DIY Reiki Hand Positions You Can Do At Home:

Hand Position 1: Begin by gently placing your hands together in a prayer position in the middle of your chest, just below your chin. Keep your hands in this position for a few minutes while focusing your attention on breathing in and out. Breathe slowly and deeply to promote relaxation of your body and mind.

Reiki Session Hand Position (1-2 Minutes)

Hand Position 2: Gently place both hands on top of your head. Remember to breathe deep and relaxed breaths. Focus attention to your hands that are resting on your head. Imagine your hand position releasing the muscles and skin on your head through its energy.

Hand Position 3: Place both hands over your eyes. See photo 3. Again, breathe. Focus your attention on your hands over your eyes. Imagine your hands having the power to relax the muscles and skin in your forehead, face, and eyes.

Hand Position 4: Place your right hand over your throat and the left hand over your heart. See photo 4. Again, practice the breathing techniques discussed above. Focus your attention on your throat and heart. Imagine your hand releasing energy that relaxes the muscles in your neck, throat, and upper chest area.

Hand Position 5: Place your hands just below the breast line. The middle fingers should be touching each other. See photo 5. Continue breathing. Focus your attention on the area under your breasts. Imagine this hand position having the ability to relax the muscles in the center of your chest and rib areas.

Figure 5: Hand Position 5 (2 Minutes)

Hand Position 6: Move your hands one hand-width down from your chest position, gently placing them over the upper stomach, in the solar plexus area. See photo 6. Continue breathing in slowly, with deep breaths. Focus your attention on this area of the body. Imagine this hand position’s energy relaxing the muscles in this area.

Hand Position 7: Place your hands over the stomach and navel area. See photo 7. Continue to breathe mindfully. Focus your attention on this area of the body. Imagine this hand position healing and relaxing the muscles in this area.

Hand Position 8: Place both hands on the shoulder muscles. See photo 8. Continue breathing in slow and deep. Focus your attention on this area of the body, imagining this hand position relaxing the muscles in this area.

Hand Position 9: Place your hands above the waistline, on the kidney area. See photo 9. Continue slow and deep breaths. Focus your attention on this area of the body, allowing this hand position to relax the muscles in this area.

Hand Position 10: Place your hands on the tops of your feet or the soles of your feet. See photo 10. Make this position easier by crossing your left leg over your right knee to reach your left foot. Cross your right leg over your left knee to reach your right foot. Do the best you can while still remaining comfortable, allowing this touch to heal the areas of your feet and ankles.

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