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Nickel Plate Music & Arts Festival - 2021

On Saturday, August 28th, The Native Nook was open for the Nickel Plate Music & Arts Festival. This event was hosted downtown on and around the courthouse in Rochester, Indiana. There were art vendors, live music, food stands, and even a tent that had a musical petting zoo.

The gallery was open from 10am to 2pm with a few members set up outside with their own booths with pieces not sold inside. We had lots of visitors from humans, puppies, and even a snake named Pearl!

Jeff Regan from Logansport

Miller's Clay Works from Maryland

Kelsey Conner Arts from Winamac

Bill Shewman from Macy, IN

Heather Downey of Raven of Hope held free will donation tarot card readings from willing participants.

For our main feature, Yana's Magic Brush joined us from 6pm to 9pm for an evening art show all the way from Mishawaka! She was able to meet with visitors and other artists while showcased her work for the night.

“It took a while before I felt comfortable sharing my more vulnerable art. Because of how close I hold my emotions. But the more I shared and the more amazing feedback I received... the more confident I felt in sharing. Now I very much enjoy sharing my work publicly.”

When sharing something you have created, you are putting a mirrored version of your inner artscape out into the world. For some that can be easy, for others it can take some serious self nudging. Once that jump is made, the artistic liberation it delivers instills a special remnant of that piece from the inside out.

Pieces by Yana are afloat all across her social media and if you know her, odds are you will encounter her art before you know it.

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