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Miller’s Clay Works | Toni Miller

Miller’s Clay Works | Toni Miller

Written by Sheldon Hubbard

Having an eye for design takes hold of an entirely fresh conception of art. It is one thing to throw something together and make it work, it is another to envision and structuralize what you see as something yet to be. When it comes to graphic design, Creative Native Toni Miller has pruned the fruits of her craft from working with the Secretary of Health to plenty of commercial design, and up the ranks to taking a position with Bethesda MD to contribute work to the Vaccine Research Center.

Toni’s artistic efforts reach far and wide, but it seems her heart belongs to pottery and clay working. She initiated this interest in high school. Accrediting, like many we may have heard from, a stellar educator from those emerging years.

“When I started my freshman year of high school, I signed up for a basic art class, as one of my electives. I thought it would be an easy blow-off class. I walked into the first day of class and Mrs. Mills handed out books and told us that there would be tests as well. I was so surprised. It was at that moment that I realized that art was something to be taken seriously. From that point forward, I had a different opinion of art.”

Once you start to look at art as more than a hobby or pastime, appreciation for the work you see will only start to come more naturally. Toni’s work, much like any creator’s, is an extension of herself. If not directly, then certainly vicariously through the time and effort it took to bring her craft to life.

From start to finish and throughout every in-between it takes to get there, one’s art evolves as the crafter herself evolves. Toni says her ultimate goal would be to earn the dub “Master Potter,” but would also like to consider opening a studio and teaching pottery classes for adults, as well as possibly some general children’s art classes. Alongside her, Toni’s husband also hops on the wheel himself, contributing his hand to the fruit of their creative escape known as Miller’s Clay Works.

If not across this spread or at any craft shows that may or may not be held in the coming year, you can browse the Millers’ respective creations on their website at

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