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Matt Swisher | Logansport, IN

Matt Swisher | Digital Wolf Magazine | We'll Never Be Famous

My relationship to and the story behind the song "We'll Never Be Famous" is that the song served as the closer of A Failed Escape's set list for probably our entire 12 year career. It was a very early song in our career. (I use that term loosely, it's only 42 seconds long) The 5 of us wrote it together Adam Gundrum, Chad Prentice, Adam Wilson, Ryan Young and myself.

In the early 2000's it seemed like all of the bands around us and a lot of the gigs had this vibe of just being stepping stones to a bigger career, like we all had to play these small gigs and then eventually we would get some break or something... We didn't feel that way. The process is the juice. The grind is the real thing, there will be no pay off, what is happening right now is everything.

"We'll Never Be Famous.” - Matt Swisher, The Record Farm | Bonus Pints

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