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Manic Manning

Artist Brett Manning, originally from Springfield, Illinois, moved to Chicago in 2015 at eighteen, and to her current small farmhouse outside of Royal Center, IN.

Nature calls to her soul, inspiring her art, photography, and life as she knows it. As someone who’s always had a passion to create, Manning sees art in everything. “It's all around us in nature and bleeds into the clothes we wear, and the stories we tell, the shows we watch, etc.,” explains Manning.

As an artist, nothing is too outrageous or unrealistic. With art heavily inspired by mythology and folklore meshed with

personal stories from her own life, her expressions through art record her real life experiences like a diary. “My work is for the weirdos and loners who know their personal magic brews within them.”

You find characters in Manning’s art of prevailing strong women, those who refuse to assimilate and those who have been cast out by the masses. She hopes to inspire others to create their own worlds and be that strong character described above.

Since 2016, Manning has also specialized in fragrance, candle making, perfumes, and fabric mists that are inspired by creating memories and emotions. “I DO think that smell has that awesome capability to evoke moods, so later in life, if you smell something similar, a wave of nostalgia might overcome you and take you back to a wonderful place... It's like time travel!” explains Manning.

You can find her products locally at The Record Farm, Legacy/Black Dog Coffee, and a few witchy shops in Chicago. You can also find Brett Manning online in her Etsy shop Brettisagirl.

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