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Illusions of the Mind

Fascinating people for centuries with illusions and sleight of hand, magicians are the secret holders of the world’s greatest tricks. From legends like Harry Houdini, to contemporary masters like Criss Angel and street magician David Blaine, the mysteries of the trade are known by some, revered by many, and shared by few.

Technology has made the inevitable transformations in the world of illusion, integrating digital

innovations that have taken the trade far from the wonders of merely pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Indiana magician Norman Frank Basile III has conjured the feat of merging the old ways with the new, plying the arts of stage, close-up, and walk-around magic with equal proficiency.

Norman found his way to magic in childhood, when the challenge of amusing his friends was one he was determined to meet. Juggling, dancing, and mime were early skills he applied to his goal but eventually, magic presented itself as an option on the road to his destiny.

Once the flame was lit, it became inextinguishable as he incorporated his passion for magic into nearly every waking hour of every day. His commitment to practicing the learning tricks, dexterity, memorizing scripts, and audience interaction helped to sculpt him into the master illusionist he desired to be.

The years of experience he has logged has honed his talent to a degree that has drawn him primarily to street magic. With all the world his stage, he is able to perform at anytime and anyplace, and the immediacy of interaction with the audience continues to inspire his hands to be quicker than the eye.

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