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Hippie Unicorn

Krystal Calloway is a business owner, wife, mother of two, and store manager of a CBD store in Ft. Wayne, IN. Calloway is a strong believer in the power of plants to heal and as medicine. She started her business, Hippie Unicorn, when looking for a natural remedy to help her husband's psoriasis heal. “We tried everything from the doctors to over-the-counter, and nothing worked to help his psoriasis. I started Hippie Unicorn with $70 that I probably had no business spending,” she said. The healing salve she made started working dramatically for her husband after three days of use, something she called, “unicorn magic.” This journey has shown her personally how much her products can heal, not just in the results of her husband's skin condition, but also other member’s of her family.

She became passionate about showing more people what natural remedies can do and heal, without the use of pharmaceuticals. “CBD and essential oils are so helpful for so many things if people would just give them a chance,” says Calloway. “All my products are as natural as possible. I only use the best quality essential oils I can find.”

Her products can be found in several stores throughout Ft. Wayne, in Rochester at The Chameleon’s Closet, and online through Facebook and Instagram: @hippieunicorncbd.

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