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Forth Eye Art with Live Music

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The Native Nook featured Sean Snider on Saturday for an an art show/. Sean Snider, from Plymouth, calls himself Forth Eye Art.

Sean’s style takes us into a world swirling with ghoulie, cartoony brush bleeds full of exaggerated characteristics and imagery representative of a desert mirage that could make the Sahara itself quiver.

Read more about Sean from his feature in Digital Wolf Magazine:

Live music by Brady Koz of Argos, IN was another feature playing covers and original music. Sean used to play bass with Brady in the past. It was a hit!

Sean did a live painting with his daughter and his fiancé Cailee who made delicious 4th cupcakes. You can find Forth Eye Art on Facebook and Instagram: @fortheyeart.

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