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Forth Eye Art | Sean Snider

Forth Eye Art | Sean Snider

Written by Sheldon Hubbard

If art takes anything, it is a consecutive surge of self-motivation and a whole lot of hard work behind the scenes, within the scenes, and with every in-between. Stemming from an early interest in music and art, Sean Snider held onto this intrigue to eventually start cultivating a far-out, fallout-esque artscape that has something to say.

On the surface, it is a reflection of where that aforementioned motivation and hard work can get you. Inspiration is instilled, but talent needs nurturing to grow and produce fruit.

Ask any artist, musician, or athlete. They didn’t wake up with some special gift one day. They put in endless hours, days, weeks, months, and years of hard work to develop their craft. Everyone is capable of that.” - Sean Snider

What happens when you scratch past that surface? That is entirely up to you, dear observer. Sean’s style takes us into a world swirling with ghouly, cartoony brush bleeds full of exaggerated characteristics and imagery representative of a desert mirage that could make the Sahara itself quiver.

That being said, seeing this art as a result of the artist’s hard work, first, then taking it in for what it is helps transmit the personal interpretation of that world more clearly for yourself.

A product of imagination is a thought. A product of hard work is talent. Sean makes art that he loves and enjoys. Sean creates. Sean stays inspired. Who and what inspires him? He had this to say when we asked him if he feels encouraged to create,

“...I feel encouraged to create. Mostly by myself. I have all my influences, but at the end of the day it’s on me to make something or not.”

Transposed in his key from such influences ranging from experiences with anger and depression to Black Sabbath, Salvador Dali, hip hop music, politics, street artist Doke, illustrator Jeremy Fish, and (of course) even back to that one high school teacher, Mr. Ed Miller, who deeply encouraged and showed interest in Sean’s art.

“He was constantly encouraging me. Even for years after, anytime I ran into him, he’d ask if I was doing anything with my art. I never really had a good answer for him. Now that I do, I never run into him. So wherever he is, a huge shoutout to him. Hope you’re doing well.” - Sean Snider

Inspiration runs vastly through the energetic nature of this existence, and Sean’s sense of self-propulsion is certainly evidence of that. Let Forth Eye’s twist on imagery shock your intrigue and allow that provoking aesthetic to implore your perspective toward what the art has for you.

You can find Sean’s on Facebook and Instagram: @fortheyeart.

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