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Ed Endures | Ed Jenkins

Ed Endures | Ed Jenkins

Written by Sheldon Hubbard

One could say that Ed Jenkins has been here, there, and everywhere. Affix that to whichever context you must, but we at Digital Wolf Magazine are speaking specifically in literal terms. Ed hones his passion for creating and compassion for teaching into his respective craft(s).

In his current endeavors, he is the Chief Bartender for Lindblad Expeditions latest ship, the National Geographic Endurance. This role allows Ed to be all hands on deck when it comes to bar management, from inventory and ordering to menu creation, training, and even cocktail creation itself. This may keep him going strong for twelve hours each day, but there is no lack on Ed’s part when it comes to staying busy and motivated around the day as well as throughout it.

Elsewhere on board, Ed says that he “(takes) full advantage of learning from (our) photo instructors and video chroniclers to enhance (his) skills behind the lens;” while also enjoying exploring with guests and learning more on how to enhance his storytelling through images and video.

Having such an incredible pocket of resources makes for some quality maritime adventures. When Ed is not slicing through waves with naturalists, undersea specialists, video chroniclers, and National Geographic-certified photo instructors, he is known as a candid photographer who focuses on nature.

“It’s a way for me to understand just how connected everything is to one another. I also understand that it’s difficult for people to care about people, places, or things that they haven’t seen before. While it’s no substitution for seeing it with one’s own eyes, I hope that it helps bring an appreciation for my subjects.”

Upkeep of passion and the motivation to continuously tap into and flow with that passion can seem daunting to many, but when you focus it on something you truly love, it can procure majestic results. When asked what drives his passion to create, Ed said, “...the more I focus on my work, the more I realize that I’m driven to create because I love to teach; whether it’s showing others how to get the most out of their camera and editing process or educating people of the importance of conservation and the impacts of climate change. I love to teach because it’s also the way I’ve found to learn the most.”

No matter the mode you work in, there is certainly reverberance of some kind there for you. We gain fervor and tenacity by letting a desire to learn locomotor our focus on our work. Some people find that one thing they are simply a rockstar at, others may find that a multi-mode outlet is what is best for them, whatever that may be. If you need a direct example of the places that hard work doing what you love will take you, look no further than Ed.

Ed’s hopes for his creative future include the pursuit to become a National Geographic-certified photo instructor and to then lead small, on-location photography workshops in remote areas. If Ed has captured your fancy, you can see more of his work on his Instagram (@seekandsaunterphoto) or his website (

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