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Dreams To Reality Cakes INC

Cakes have transformed from a simple dessert into a whimsical centerpiece that can take any celebration to the next level. Only a skilled pastry chef is able to make your dream cake a reality, and that is what Sandra Tossou brings to the table.

After achieving her Bachelor of Science in Baking and Pastry Arts at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, Sandra traveled to Galway, Ireland for 18 months to improve her skills in breakfast pastries and breads. After lots of working, learning, and beer, she returned to the States to continue her adventure.

She has worked in the pastry kitchen at the Conrad in Indianapolis and The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago, where she revamped the breakfast pastry and bread program.

Her work in Chicago opened her eyes to her skills and increased confidence after working in all five outlets and the banquet kitchen at The Peninsula, giving her inspiration to make her own dreams into a reality and start her business Dreams to Reality Cakes in her hometown of Peru, Indiana. For the past six years, Sandra and her team have created many amazing cakes that are not only beautiful and unique, but also delicious.

Two years into her journey with Dreams to Reality, Sandra had the opportunity to purchase Aroma Coffee Shop and jumped at the chance to learn a new craft. She has since boosted the business’ confidence even more; they are now looking to open their third location this fall.

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