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Daydreams | Rebekah Erb

Daydreams | Rebekah Erb

Written by Brendan Douglas

Rebekah Erb has been creatively active in some form or another for as long as she can remember. Her overactive imagination just seemed to be running in full gear from day one. Luckily for her, she was fortunate to have a mother who not only cheered her on through her early days of performing in theatre, singing in the choir, and playing sports, but also helped to feed her imagination and love of creativity by making sure Rebekah had access to everything she wanted to pursue while always encouraging personal growth and improvement.

As Rebekah grew, her imagination continued to grow through the years becoming more and more whimsical. A day in her life can often be like the Disney show, That’s So Raven. When Rebekah daydreams, she uninhibitedly dreams. Her love of performing evolved into writing and transforming some of those whimsical thoughts and scenarios into screenplays which gives her the outlet to bring that magic to others. Creating is not just a job for Rebekah, it is a way of life. Each day she aims to create a fun, fulfilling, and loving home life for her fiancé, Tony Walters, and her daughter, as well as a safe place for anyone who enters her energy. Bringing that magic to others for a chance to escape some of the harsh realities life can offer keeps her driven.

Rebekah is super stoked and proud of her first feature film, Idle Girl, a punk rock Christmas crime film which she wrote and directed.

Filmmaking and the magical element that allows anyone to experience things that they otherwise would not be able to have always been a fascination for Rebekah. There is usually some type of loving message and/or advice behind her work. “I’m a very sappy and cheesy person and that translates to my creations.”

Through the years, Rebekah has found evolving to be the hardest, most painful, and most crucial part of life. In an industry that is constantly changing, evolving means there will be changes, mistakes, and failures but also triumphs and success. Rebekah says it took thirty years to truly start appreciating the beauty in evolving. But that evolution has consisted of taking things less seriously, taking more chances, getting out of her comfort zone, swallowing her pride, allowing vulnerability, and demanding respect, all of which have created a more honest representation of herself.

Rebekah hopes her creations will bring her a financially stable life to take care of herself and her loved ones and to create careers and opportunities for fellow artists and creators. She hopes to bring magic, love, and light to her community.

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