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Cheapie Squeegee


Shane Rudd | 41

Screen Printer

Hometown: Rochester, Indiana

Current Location: Rochester, Indiana

Shane enjoys spending his extra time camping with his family, and visiting nature preserves. He was previously in a punk rock band that shows the style of Cheapie Squeegee.

Growing up Shane worked for his father's trash business but always knew he wanted to create and not discard. His interest in printing first began in high school when he enrolled in classes for Graphic Arts and Print Ship at the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation. His experience and passion for the subject never left the back of his mind. After highschool, being in the local punk rock music scene made him see just how important the printing industry was to produce merchandise for his bands and others in the local music scene. A self taught artisan printer, he started his first projects with Ja'Nay in a garage, rinsing outside with a hose. The projects set him off on a quest to one day be able to work for himself instead of the typical nine to five work week he was used to his entire life.

Ja'Nay Rudd | 40

Color Management

Hometown: Rochester, Indiana

Current Location: Rochester, Indiana

Ja'Nay likes to spend their nature walks taking photos while also relaxing in hammocks.

Growing up in a military family, Ja'Nay moved a lot. When her father retired, her family settled in the Fulton County area and she attended school at Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation.

After high school, she became a nurse and captain in the US Air Force in Hampton, Va for four years. After marrying Shane in Florida in 2013, she relocated back to her hometown and began helping aid in her husbands' lifelong dream, discovering a new talent and lifestyle on their road to happiness.

The first time Ja'Nay and Shane met, they worked on a print job and their natural chemistry was revealed instantly. After that, the gears began to turn and the projects started adding on. Each printing project took about four to five hours from start to finish, but it didn't deter the two. Not only do they both play their part with a smooth flow, they communicate together especially well. With the experience Ja'Nay learned from her mother's ceramic shop and Shane's motivation to work for himself driving the idea for Cheapie Squeegee, they knew their dream of owning their own business was not impossible. The business took off in the right direction thanks to the power team's determination. Their shop officially opened in 2014 at their previous residence. The business' growth has continued to strengthen ever since and is currently their full time job; making their dream a reality. As word of mouth has grown, Cheapie Squeegee has started moving full speed ahead.

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